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About Astrologer

Dr. Subhadra Devi

Dr. Subhadra ji is a disciple of respected Gurudev Dr. Narayan Dutt Shrimaliji and has progressed in the field
of astrology with the blessings of respected Gurudev. In 2022 Dr. Subhadra ji did PhD . She has done Ph.D. Received gold medal,
Dr. Subhadra ji is honored with many big awards at the astrology conferences.

What Do We Do ?

We offer comprehensive horoscope readings based on your date, time, and place of birth. By analyzing the positions of planets and their influence on your life, we provide personalized insights into your personality, strengths, weaknesses, and future.

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What My Client Say

Welcome to the client testimonial section of our website! we have been providing accurate and insightful astrology
readings for years, Read on to hear from some of our satisfied clients about their experiences and the positive
impact our astrologer has had on their lives.

"I had the pleasure of receiving a reading from Subhadra ji and was blown away by his accuracy and insight. He was able to provide guidance on some of the biggest decisions in my life, and her predictions have come true time and time again."

Anjali Sharma

“I have been consulting with Subhadra ji for over a year now, and I can confidently say that she has changed my life. Her astrology readings have given me the tools to navigate challenging situations and make informed decisions.”

Rohit Patel

"I was sceptical about astrology readings at first, but after receiving a reading from Subhadra ji, I am a believer. She was able to provide detailed information about my past and present, and her predictions for the future have been accurate. Thank you for your guidance."

Nisha Gupta

"Astrologer Subhadra ji is a true gem. Her readings are not only accurate but also delivered with kindness and compassion. She has provided me with valuable insights into my relationships, career, and personal growth. I am so grateful for her guidance."

Shreya Singh

"I have been a client of Subhadra Ji for several years now, and she has been an invaluable resource for me. Her astrology readings have helped me make sense of difficult situations, and her guidance has led me to some of the greatest successes in my life. Thank you, Subhadra ji!"

Vikram Chatterjee

“I had always been sceptical about astrology, but Astrologer Subhadra Ji’s readings completely changed my mind. She was able to tell me things about me that no one else could have known, and her guidance has been invaluable. I now see astrology as a powerful tool for self-discovery and personal growth."

Arun Gupta

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